Steps to a Great Exterior Painting Project in Gwinnett

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As the summer months are just around the corner now, are you finding yourself thinking about doing some exterior painting? Maybe it is just a wall or two, a porch, or maybe you are feeling ambitious and this is going to be “the year” when you update the color of your home, or at least get the original color back to looking like new. Here are a few reminders for the process of painting exterior siding that we hope you’ll find helpful. Exterior Painting, Step By Step Inspect Your Siding- It is always best to spot trouble areas before you stumble upon them half-way through your project. Take some time to carefully look over your surfaces for damaged or decayed areas. Fix the Issue- Even though it can be frustrating to feel like you are slowing down the process...

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What Are the Exterior Color Trends for 2014? Tips for Briarcliff and Brookhaven

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Is it time to repaint your home’s exterior? If so, you might find yourself feeling tempted to simply paint it the color that it always has been. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but maybe you have decided that this is the year that you will update the look of your home and try something new. If so, you probably are asking yourself an extremely important question: what color should I paint my house? What Are the Popular Exterior Colors this Year? Currently the trend is to take a trip back to the basics, using colors in the white and cream family. The simple look this creates is tried and true, timeless and clean. As an additional bonus, it is easy to maintain! It also can be helpful to step back and think about where you live in the country. Some regions are...

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How Many Coats of Paint Will You Need? Tips for Cobb and Gwinnett, North Georgia

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Unless interior painting is really something you enjoy doing, you might find yourself staring at your walls and sighing, trying to figure out exactly how long your painting project will take and how much sweat you will have to invest. There is no shame in wishing you could snap your fingers and have your walls be shining and fresh in the new color of your choice. Inevitably you’ll ask yourself the big question when it comes to time investment: how many coats of paint will I need? How Many Coats of Paint Will I Need? The number of coats of paint you’ll need will really depend on which of a few possible scenarios you find yourself in. We can break this down into a concept as simple as 1, 2, or 3. One Coat- The time you can get away with applying just one coat...

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Why Is My Exterior Paint Falling Off? Painting Tips for Forsyth, GA

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If you are like most people, watching the little piles of colorful paint chips grow around the edges of your home can be an aggravating experience. This is especially frustrating if you maybe painted your home recently, or purchased a property that supposedly had been freshly painted. This begs the question: why is your exterior paint failing, and can you do anything about it? Why Is My Paint Falling Off? Unfortunately, the environment works against the paint on your home. Here are just a few of the factors that can contribute to the demise of your exterior paint: The Sun- Ultraviolet rays cause fading and eventually break down the paint film, resulting in chalking. Temperature- Specifically, fluctuating temperature can cause a lot of damage. The wood expands and...

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5 Common Interior Painting Mistakes! Painting Tips for Cumming, GA

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Unfortunately, you might sometimes think that painting involves little more than slinging a new color up onto a wall. You have a brush, you have a can, and you are good to go. In reality, there is a lot of practice and knowledge that is involved in becoming a good painter! To help you hop on the fast-track to becoming a more successful interior painter, here are 5 common painting mistakes that get in the way of a project’s success. 1. Peeling Painter’s Tape Too Late! Blue painter’s tape is a wonderful tool that can help with edging, defining lines, creating crisp patterns on a wall, and the list goes on… But, all too often it is left on the wall during the drying process. The result can be paint that peels up around the edges right along with the tape. 2....

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5 Secrets of Professional Painters- Tips for North Georgia

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It is easy to start an interior painting project off with confidence. You have the paint color chosen and ready, a trusty brush in your hand, and your furniture pulled away from the walls. You can envision your new color of choice spreading seamlessly around the room; straight lines, clean edges, no brush marks or unevenness. And yet, at some point during the project (or maybe at the end) you might just realize there is more to it than meets the eye. How do professional painters make it look so easy? You’ll find a few tips below that will help your project go as smoothly as possible. Patch Your Walls before Painting Unfortunately, paint will not make the flaws in your walls disappear. Holes will not magically be filled, and dents won’t fade and smooth...

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